The duo “Newén Yakari” consists of Venezuelan guitarists Camilo Sauvalle and Jhon Jiménez.  Both guitarists are former students of the renowned Professor Roberto Aussel at the Conservatory of Music and Dance in Cologne.

The duo was created based on the suggestion of the respected guitar maker Theo Scharpach, who recognized the enormous possibilities that could emerge from the Latin American guitarists.   The concept of the duo is found within its name: the word Newén originates from the Mapuche language, spoken by the indigenous people of southern Chile.  It denotes the universal energy or the divine power of creation.  The word “Yakari” originates from the language of the indigenous Warao people from Venezuela and means sunrise.

The repertoire of Newén Yakari is comprised of various epochs and styles of music, bringing together a fine selection of works from the Renaissance to Latin American music, with popular rhythms from the Andes and the Caribbean.  The music offers a look into the heart of Latin American, with its roots and culture, which are in mutually enriching exchanges with European music.

Newen Yakari makes use of sonorous clarity and the creative power of the musical heritage in order to create a performance.

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