The repertoire of Jhon Jimenez presents a variety of music, from solo works to chamber music to works for guitar and orchestra, offering a rich palette of music spanning various epochs and cultures. He specializes in Latin American music, focusing primarily on music from his homeland, Venezuela.

Each concert program is carefully assembled in order to take the listener on a musical journey full of emotions.  Each piece is an important component of the entire program.  Accompanied by brief explanations on the works, composers and history of the music, the concerts are both an enjoyable and educational experience.



The first half is composed of works from the English Renaissance and the German baroque. The sonorous and contrapuntal clarity of the 7th Fantasy by John Dowland leads the audience step by step into a peaceful atmosphere.  In its time, the work had a vocal character, and only later developed into a technically sophisticated instrumental work that culminates in a moment of high tension, only to resolve again at the end.

In the following Sonata No. 42 in A minor by the Germany composer Silvius Leopold Weiss, the audience will enjoy and appreciate the basic characteristics of the European courtly dances.


The second half of the program is titled “Perspectiva austral,” and is dedicated entirely to Venezuelan music. There are works from various Venezuelan regions which includes the golpe larense, merengues from the central region, the joropo Ilanero in addition to waltzes and folk songs for the guitar.

The concert program portrays various epochs of music history at large and provides an overview of the Venezuelan musical culture, illustrating the individual folklore manifestations of each region. The audience awaits a high-quality musical experience and an enjoyable journey full of contrast, nuanced by the fineness, intensity, and temperament to which European and Venezuelan music are equally appropriated.

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